Adjusting to baseball life in a new time zone

Back on the East Coast, I left work about 6 o’clock tonight and came home to make dinner and listen to a ballgame. But to my chagrin, I was home too early for our national pastime.

The first games weren’t starting until 7:05 EDT, so I had to prepare the evening meal without a baseball backdrop. I’m sure I’ll adapt, but one of the joys of grilling on the West Coast most evenings was having a ballgame available on the radio or, perhaps more accurately the last couple of years, on the app.

I’ve noted previously that I think the Pacific time zone is the best for baseball fans, but that may not be the case for everyone. If you live in Eastern time and work into the night, there’s a good chance you can catch a late game on the West Coast when you get off work.

All of this is my way of reiterating that for a baseball fan, the game is part of life.

3 thoughts on “Adjusting to baseball life in a new time zone

  1. I’ve lived here on the eastern seaboard my entire life, so I don’t know any different. For me, the norm has always been watching baseball after dinner, and after the kids go to bed (except for the rare afternoon game.) But I can see how it would be cool to have a baseball game available to listen to nearly every afternoon.
    Interesting perspective,

  2. Been an East Coast baseball fan my whole life, including getting baseball scores over the Armed Forces Radio Network while out in the middle of the water on board a ship, or at a Navy Base, like Guantanamo Bay. I would love to travel some day to the West Coast and see a ball game at every ballpark out there.

  3. When I moved to San Francisco in 1978, I thought I had landed in baseball paradise. Gone were the words, “and the Mets and Giants (or Dodgers, Padres) are just getting started on the west coast” on the 11 pm news. Life as a baseball fan is even BETTER now, with MLB TV I can see an east coast game at 4 pm, or sometimes at 10 am on getaway day. Then it’s time for a 7pm west-coast game.

    However, my friend, you are mighty close to Citi Field, which begs the question, are you going to Banner Day on May 27th? I thought hard about it, but maybe next time. And you?

    Thanks for another great post, friend.

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