What’s a baseball cap worth? Half a million bucks if it belonged to Babe Ruth

A Babe Ruth baseball cap fetched more than half a million dollars at auction yesterday, but its value is a pittance compared with one of Ruth’s New York Yankees road jerseys that sold for $4.4 million.  (The New York Daily News has the details.)

The cap, which Ruth had worn in the 1930s with the Yankees and was worn in 1997 by pitcher David Wells when he played for them, was estimated before the auction to be worth $400,000. It sold for $537,238.

Wells says he’ll use proceeds from the memorabilia he’s selling to raise money for the high school in San Diego that bears his name. A New York Times story today notes that Manager Joe Torre fined Wells $2,500 for wearing the Ruth cap.

This is a rare day when a baseball cap is in the news. I’m enjoying it!

It’s also cool to find out that Ruth and I have the same hat size. Check the Times’ story to find out what that is.

One thought on “What’s a baseball cap worth? Half a million bucks if it belonged to Babe Ruth

  1. I’m pretty sure it was because Wells wore it, (not that Ruth guy), that the cap went for so much money. 🙂 Didn’t realize he was fined for wearing it. How dumb is that?
    Thanks for sending this story and links along to us.

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