The Penn State scandal, the media and irony

This is a vacation week for me, and I’m catching a lot more sports talk on TV and radio than I usually do. There’s plenty of pontificating about the horrifying Penn State sexual abuse scandal, and I’ve heard a number of comments along the lines of, “We’ve built a monster in college football by all the attention we pay it and the money we throw at it.”

No kidding.

It used to be that college football games were played in the crisp fall air only on Saturday afternoons. Now, there are Tuesday and Thursday night games under the lights carried on innumerable national and regional networks.

TV and the big money are increasingly dictating the terms of how and when the sport is played . I’m glad there are games on TV, and I’m sure the networks have an air-tight “supply and demand” response to why they broadcast so many games.

I simply find it ironic that some of the voices on the networks and sports talk stations are doing the “maybe we’ve gone too far” routine when their very platforms have bolted together the monster they decry.


One thought on “The Penn State scandal, the media and irony

  1. Excellent point. When there’s big money to be made, no one (well, almost no one) advocates putting on the brakes until after the accident has already occurred. Then, everyone jumps on the “I told you so” bandwagon.
    Enjoy your vacation, Bill

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