The Ball Caps Blog 2011 National League All-Star ballot

The All-Star Game approaches, and it’s time to reveal my choices. Crazy, I know, but I believe the All-Star starters should be the best nine players from the league based on their present-year performance.

So here are my picks for the senior circuit:

Catcher – Brian McCann of the Atlanta Braves, a chest protector’s width ahead of Yadier Molina of the St.Louis Cardinals.

First base – Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds, edging Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers. I’m watching the words form here and still can’t believe I’m ranking Albert Pujols third.

Second Base – Rickie Weeks of Milwaukee, powering his way past Brandon Phillips of Cincinnati.

Third base – Placido Polanco of the Philadelphia Phillies, well out in front of the others.

Shortstop – Jose Reyes of the New York Mets. His year has been so awesome, I didn’t even bother to check the stats of anybody else.

Outfield – Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Ryan Braun of the Brewers and Hunter Pence of the Houston Astros. I dare anyone to challenge the first two, and I give Pence the No. 3 slot based on his all-around play.

Starting pitchers: Roy Halladay of the Fightin’ Phils gets the start, with teammate Cole Hamels, Jair Jurgens  and Tommy Hanson of Atlanta and Jhoulys Chacin of the Colorado Rockies filling out a dream five-man rotation.

At closer, J.J. Putz of the Arizona Diamondbacks has the top stats, and Brian Wilson of the San Francisco Giants has been huge in so many close-game victories.

This is the ballot I’m submitting to the Baseball Bloggers Alliance for its annual All-Star team. My American League choices follow in another post soon.

3 thoughts on “The Ball Caps Blog 2011 National League All-Star ballot

  1. Did the BBA already ask for our All-Star ballots? I must have missed that email.
    One change I’d make on your ballot. Lance Berkman is listed as an outfielder, so I’d have my N.L. outfield as Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun and Berkman. Other than that, I have to agree with your picks.
    Nice job,

  2. I basically flipped a coin on Berkman (the ex-Astro) and Pence (the current one).

    BBA ballots are due by June 24. I get the daily email digest, and there have been a couple reminders of late.



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