The Ball Caps Blog 2011 American League All-Star ballot

Here’s my All-Star ballot for the AL:

Catcher – Alex Avila of the Detroit Tigers dominates in most categories, so he gets the nod over Matt Wieters of Baltimore.

First Base – Adrian Gonzalez is having the (green) monster year expected of him with the Red Sox, so he gets the nod over powerful Mark Texeira of the Yankees.

Second base – A tough call here, but I’d start Robinson Cano, whose power trumps Howard Kendrick of the Angels.

Third base – Alex Rodriguez of the Yanks. What a weak year for the hot corner in both leagues.

Shortstop – Asdrubal Cabrera of the Cleveland Indians, hands down.

Outfield — Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays leads the field, with Curtis Granderson of New York and Jacoby Ellsbury of Boston.

Designated Hitter — David Ortiz of the Red Sox.

Pitcher: I’d start Jon Lester of Boston by virtue of his nine wins, with teammate Josh Beckett, Jared Weaver of the Angels, Justin Verlander of Detroit and CC Sabathia of New York filling out the staff.

In the bullpen, the closers would be Brandon League of the Seattle Mariners and the incomparable Mariano Rivera of the Yanks.

This is the ballot I’m submitting for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance All-Star team. Check out the alliance with a click!


DH – David Ortiz, with honorable mention to Victor Martinez

4 thoughts on “The Ball Caps Blog 2011 American League All-Star ballot

  1. Can’t argue with those picks, either. Which league do you think will win the All-Star game? I always root for the N.L., but until the A.L. starts losing a few in a row, I have to predict the A.L. will win this one.

  2. I’ll definitely be rooting for the NL, and I’ll go out on a limb and predict they’ll win. I have no particular basis for that prediction; that Giants’ manager Bruce Bochy will be at the helm for the NL is the tiebreaker.

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