A great matchup for Super Bowl XLV

The best teams in football advanced to the Super Bowl today – Green Bay and Pittsburgh. On paper this appears to be an epic matchup between franchises with great legacies, and it’s likely to draw a huge TV audience in the U.S. and around the world.

The pairing of the Packers and Steelers also underscores my point from a few days ago that football, unlike baseball, has a universal appeal among fans. If the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates were facing one another in the World Series (and that will never happen unless the Brewers go back to the American League, and even then…), network executives in New York would be flinging themselves from office towers in despair.

When they straggle in to work tomorrow morning, Fox Sports executives will likely be sobering up after celebrating their good fortune tonight.

Let the hype begin.

One thought on “A great matchup for Super Bowl XLV

  1. Even I’m interested in this Super Bowl match-up, and I’m not even much of a football fan. Just glad the Jets got crushed today, or I wouldn’t be nearly so interested. As you said, let the hype begin! Bill

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