Andres Torres re-signs with the San Francisco Giants

One of the best stories of 2010 was Andres Torres, who bounced around the minors for more than a decade before supplanting Aaron Rowand as the Giants’ center fielder. Even more engaging: Torres had an appendectomy late in the season only to return and make significant contributions as the Giants drove to their first World Series championship in San Francisco.

Today, Torres signed a one-year deal with the Giants.

That’s great news for the Giants, great news for Giants fans. And the great news for Torres, according to the, is that his salary increases 400 percent from last year.

2 thoughts on “Andres Torres re-signs with the San Francisco Giants

  1. Many people seem skeptical that the Giants will win their division again this year, but I don’t see why they couldn’t. None of the other teams in their division (other than Colorado) appear to be legit threats at this point.
    Cheers, Bill
    And congrats on obtaining your own web-domain. Bill

    1. The Giants’ chances depend on their pitching. One arm injury and they could slide. But I think they’ve got a great shot at it.

      And thanks for leading me toward the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. I just got a note yesterday that I’ve joined the club!

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