The Giants’ World Series trophy comes calling, and the Ball Caps Blog goes uptown

The San Francisco Giants brought the World Series trophy to Modesto today, coaxing hundreds of orange-and-black-clad fans into the cold January air to queue up to see it. By the time I walked from my office to the convention center, the line snaked around the block and I spent a few minutes at the end soaking up the atmosphere and snapping a few photos.

Duty bade me move on without getting inside to view the trophy, but I was able to eavesdrop on a number of conversations as I went about my work tweeting out some of what I saw in the line, including many families with kids of all ages. One middle-aged Giants fan was explaining to someone else that many people had waited decades to get a chance to see the Giants win a championship. In that context, this evening’s long wait to get inside was a minor inconvenience.

Kudos to the Giants’ organization for having the savvy to bring the trophy on tour to its many fans in northern California and elsewhere.

This was a big day for Giants fans here in Modesto. It’s a happy coincidence for the Ball Caps Blog, which today registered and launched a new domain name at

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