Jason Giambi keeps hanging in there

Like the drips falling off icicles on the eaves, baseball news comes in slowly but steadily during the month of January. I just did a quick check of the latest deals on MLB.com and chuckled when I read that the Rockies have reached a minor league deal with Jason Giambi.

If Giambi finds a way to make the Colorado roster, it will be his 17th year in the big leagues – remarkable longevity for the slugging former American League MVP.

I got to watch Giambi play in his prime with the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees. He just marked his 40th birthday, and I’ve got to admire his tenacity — especially since he’s in the National League and not hanging on as a designated hitter in the AL.

Here’s hoping Jason stays healthy and makes the cut when Colorado breaks camp.

3 thoughts on “Jason Giambi keeps hanging in there

  1. I was a big Giambi fan back when he was playing with Oakland. Too bad the steroid thing will forever cloud his name. He was a legitimately good hitter, and apparently a likable enough guy.
    Soon enough, the Fantasy Baseball mags will be out, and I’ll have lots of bedtime reading to do. Take care, Bill

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