Iconic baseball caps: Yomiuri Giants (and dreams of a true world series)

For a nation settled by immigrants from all points of the compass, Americans have a notoriously narrow view of the world.  That manifests itself in many ways, from our indifference to bilingualism to our widespread shunning of soccer or what the rest of the world calls “football.”

Most American baseball fans at least know the game is played in Latin America and Japan, and if there’s one international baseball cap we Yanks recognize or at least can make a pretty good guess at it’s that of the Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo.  There’s little doubt the cap pays homage to the New York-San Francisco Giants with its orange-on-black style. The cap is just plain cool.

It was the San Francisco Giants for whom Masanori Murakami played and, in 1964, became the first Japanese national to play Major League Baseball. It has taken decades, but Japanese baseball finally gets some respect as players from Japan and elsewhere in Asia are competing on MLB clubs and for big salaries, most notably Ichiro Suzuki.

Wouldn’t it be marvelous some day to have a true World Series pitting the best American team against the best Japanese team against the best Latin American team? A host of obstacles would need to be overcome, but one can dream.

One thought on “Iconic baseball caps: Yomiuri Giants (and dreams of a true world series)

  1. I know what you mean, but, on the other hand, with so many foreign players already wearing major league uniforms, we already have a kind of World Series every year right here in America. Didn’t the players all perform for their home nations in the most recent Olympics, or was that some other sort of international baseball competition?
    I would love to see a Russian baseball team. That would be good for a laugh.
    Regards, Bill

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