Cleveland Indians get new uniforms and caps for 2011







The Cleveland Indians unveiled new uniforms for the 2011 season, and the most interesting look to me is the alternate home jersey, second from the left above. The jersey features “Indians” in block capital letters across the chest and the red cap is decorated with a block “C.”

Gone from the caps is the script “I” that I thought vaguely resembled a feather in what may have been an attempt to phase out Chief Wahoo, the Indian caricature that has been the franchise’s symbol for decades. The chief appears on the sleeves all the jerseys for 2011 and remains on the primary home and away caps.

The new combinations will no doubt give merchandise sales a shot in the arm, but what the Tribe really needs is some consistent pitching, a few more productive hitters and a healthy Grady Sizemore.

2 thoughts on “Cleveland Indians get new uniforms and caps for 2011

  1. I like how the new uniforms look, but you’re right. They need a lot more than new uniforms. There was a time when this team appeared to have some sort of plan. Now, I’m not so sure.
    Thanks for the pics, Bill

  2. Yeah, Can we trade the owners? Let’s get an owner that wants to win not just fill seats or a stadium to half capacity and try to walk away with a profit.
    A graduate from Akron Buchtel had a simple philosophy. Win games get better players, win more games, then go to the show. That graduates name was Dick Jacobs. Mr. Jocobs please shine your light on these pizzardly owners and help us get back to the show. God Bless Dick Jacobs.

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