Tim Lincecum wears Red Bull to the Giants’ World Series celebration

As I watched the Giants’ victory parade wind through the streets of San Francisco, I peered hard at the TV screen to see what kind of cap Tim Lincecum was wearing. Turns out it was a Red Bull cap, something I could only verify by checking the remarkable string of pictures rolling in over the wire from my old Associated Press colleagues in San Francisco.

While seemingly everyone in the crowd had a Giants cap or jersey on, the members of the ball club mostly wore “civilian” clothing, a madcap array of T-shirts that included a Grateful Dead model worn by backup catcher Eli Whiteside and what I believe was a Beatles tee worn by relief pitcher Sergio Romo. But none of the players, as far as I could tell, wore a Giants cap.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. When the Yankees have had their victory parades through the canyons of lower Manhattan in recent years, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and all the others have been done up in suits.

Way back in 1982, on assignment for AP, I got to cover  the parade in Milwaukee saluting the Brewers. That was a chilly day in the Brew City, and the players were bundled up, as I recall, but without their team caps.  (On cassette tape I still have the teeth-chattering voicer I did for AP Radio from Wisconsin Avenue, a cut I was thrilled to hear broadcast on WBBM from Chicago. That was a great day!)

At the San Francisco parade Wednesday, there were a few a Giants’ caps in the motorcade. They were worn by two of the greatest Giants ever: Willie Mays and Willie McCovey. It was a wonder to behold.

3 thoughts on “Tim Lincecum wears Red Bull to the Giants’ World Series celebration

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    So that’s why there are no photos in the post.

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