A new cap to celebrate the Giants’ World Series victory

I couldn’t resist. Our office planned a luncheon celebration today to mark the San Francisco Giants’ victory in the World Series, and everyone was encouraged to wear orange and black.

I had picked up the Tim Lincecum T-shirt a few days ago at Target, and I also had my cool, non-authentic pinstriped black Giants jersey to wear. But my Giants cap, 11 years old and battered, wasn’t going to cut it.

So on my way to work this morning I diverted to a sporting goods store in hopes of buying an authentic Giants fitted cap with the 2010 World Series logo on the side. I had spotted such at the same store a few days ago but declined to fork over $40 plus tax.

As expected, none of the authentic caps were left in adult sizes. So I had to pick from among a few other options. The National League Champions hat was nice, but it didn’t go far enough — The Giants won the Series, after all.

That left me with a choice between a not-quite-orange World Series commemorative cap and  the one depicted above in a more relaxed style but in proper orange and black livery.  It’s only the second “World Champions” hat in my collection, the other being a 1996 Yankees cap given to me by one of my brothers.

I wore the new cap with pride today. And it kept my hair out of the grill as I roasted hot dogs for my co-workers.

You have to love a job that celebrates the World Series.

One thought on “A new cap to celebrate the Giants’ World Series victory

  1. It must be great working amidst a bunch of baseball fans. I work with a couple of Braves fans (here in Greenville, SC), but overall, baseball is not a big part of my day-to-day work routine. Enjoy! Bill

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