Congress caps off the drive to health care reform in historic vote

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This blog mainly focuses on sports, but I couldn’t let tonight’s historic Congressional vote on an overhaul of health care go without some sort of comment. And to find a photo of a Capitol police officer standing watch in front of the dome while wearing a ball cap, well, all the better.

As a journalist by trade, I’m going to keep private my opinions on the reform issue itself. But I must note that the conservatives who loathe the thought of Democrat-driven health care reform must be eating their livers. And I’m also guessing those on the right would rather pluck their eyes out than watch a triumphant Nancy Pelosi walking confidently on Capitol Hill.

In politics, as in baseball, there are winners and there are losers. Tonight’s vote was without question a victory for the Democrats and President Obama, and a loss for the GOP.

One thought on “Congress caps off the drive to health care reform in historic vote

  1. Hi, I don’t like commenting on politics all that much, either, especially on baseball blogs. But I have to agree with your opinion regarding this issue. When 70 percent of Americans say they are following this issue more closely than they are the NCAA this past weekend, that’s saying a lot. Over and out, Bill

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