An American icon: The pocket baseball schedule

CLEVELAND – Besides the crocuses poking their way up through the snow, one of the first signs of spring in northeast Ohio is the emergence of the annual Cleveland Indians’ pocket schedule.

I picked my copy up at a shop counter the other day while visiting relatives. The schedule, neatly folded and tucked into my wallet, will stay with me the whole season — even though the odds of my catching a Tribe game at Progressive Field are just about zilch.

I’ve carried these pocket schedules virtually every year in memory, most often the Indians’ but also the Athletics’, Brewers’, Cubs’, Giants’, Mariners’ — wherever I happened to live.

In this digital age of apps and iPhones, such schedules are analog artifacts of an earlier time. But around Cleveland, they are ubiquitous. I’ve seen them available at drugstores, liquor stores, convenience stores, coffee shops — seemingly everywhere I’ve shopped the past few days.

This year’s model is classy, with Grady Sizemore in profile and Cleveland’s signature building, the Terminal Tower, in the background.

These schedules always are symbol of hope. Maybe this is the year the Tribe will win it all.

One thought on “An American icon: The pocket baseball schedule

  1. The “Terminal Tower?” What a horrible name! As far as the Indians, enjoy Grady Sizemore ’cause I think he’ll be their sole rep in the All-Star game this year. But yeah, those little schedules are kind of cool. I have one with Josh Beckett on the cover back when he was with Double-A Portland, Maine’s Sea Dogs. It must be worth at least a buck by now. Nice post, Bill

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