Caps I have known — and lost

I’ve been a bit lax in posting of late, so to get back on the board I leave a short note in tribute to my old Weyerhauser “tree-killing” cap. I always wore it when I did yard work around our Seattle home, especially when a tree needed killin’. The cap was simple: a green crown and brim, with the Weyerhauser tree logo stamped on the front panel.

The Weyerhauser cap was extra special because we lived in the city of Federal Way, which incorporated a year or two after we moved there in 1989. Weyerhauser, the big forest products company, is also based in Federal Way, in its unusual “horizontal skyscraper” set into the Northwest landscape.

What happened to the cap? I haven’t a clue. But it served its purspose well for a few years, and it lingers fondly in memory.

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