A cap for chocolate lovers

While visiting family in Cleveland, I had the pleasure of getting dessert at a Malley’s ice cream parlor. Malley’s is an institution, famous in northeastern Ohio for its candies as well as ice cream. The company produces the “Pronk” bar named for oft-injured Indians slugger Travis Hafner. Indians regalia is a common site around greater […]

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Sic transit Pontiac

General Motors is killing off another storied nameplate, Pontiac. What a shame. The American auto industry is in a fine mess, and given GM’s spiraling problems it’s no big surprise that the carmaker is sending Pontiac to join Oldsmobile on the scrap heap. Still, it smarts to read that the division that made the Firebird […]

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Caps I have known — and lost

I’ve been a bit lax in posting of late, so to get back on the board I leave a short note in tribute to my old Weyerhauser “tree-killing” cap. I always wore it when I did yard work around our Seattle home, especially when a tree needed killin’. The cap was simple: a green crown […]

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