The modern-era Brewers cap

Milwaukee Brewers capThis is one of my absolute favorites, on a sentimental level.

I bought this cap at Miller Park in Milwaukee while on a business trip with my boss, who was to die unexpectedly some months later. Both of us bought caps that night and roamed the new stadium, checking out the Gorman Thomas barbeque counter and all the other food booths and sideshows that fill modern ballparks.

Having lived in Milwaukee during the Brewers’ American League glory years in the late 70s and early 80s, I still miss their presence in the American League. But I guess Milwaukee always considered itself a National League town, so the team is probably where it belongs.

The cap itself has held its shape very well, even though I wear it regularly while shopping and on morning walks. Although the Brewers have had this style cap for several years, I don’t think it has the instant recognition that the old m/b mitt cap did. The crown jewel of my collection is a Brewers replica batting helmet in that style, which will be featured in a later post.

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