Let’s start with the Tribe

Indians cap at OaklandLet’s start formally with a Cleveland Indians cap, representing the team I’ve followed my whole life.

This shot was taken between innings at an Indians-Athletics game in Oakland early in the 2008 season. The cap belongs to my friend Joe, a fellow Clevelander who surprised me with the offer of front-row seats that Sunday morning.

The Indians have gone through several cap designs in my lifetime. While I’m still partial to the red wishbone “C” on a navy blue crown, I like the freestanding Chief Wahoo design the team has had for the past several years. Maybe that’s because the Tribe has generally had winning teams since switching to the solo Wahoo.

Unfortunately, the cartoon Indian offends many people. I defended the logo for a long time, but I don’t anymore. If people — native American or otherwise — find it offensive, it should go.

I’d be perfectly happy if the Tribe would revert to the wishbone “C” of the 1960s, either my favorite red on blue or the alternate blue “C” on red that the team used in the latter half of the decade.

It’s ironic that in Cleveland, where the Browns football franchise may be unique in all American sports for not having a logo, the baseball team has one of the most polarizing.

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