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Tris Speaker capI’m a resident of New Jersey and a lifelong baseball fan who has accumulated a bounteous number of caps over the years. Each of them has a story.

At left, I’m sporting a Tris Speaker Baseball League cap in 1968 while wearing my Red Sox uniform. Number 18 was on the back. Each team in the league had a different uniform, but we all wore the same wool cap. Check out the swanky belt.

The photo was taken in the home where I grew up in suburban Cleveland.  I’ve been an Indians fan since the womb. Having lived most of the past two decades in northern California, I’ve become a diehard San Francisco Giants fan.

This blog is a hobby, a creative (I try, anyway) outlet ancillary to my career in news and communications. The views here are my own.

34 thoughts on “About the blogger

  1. Hey there…I noticed you added my site to your blogroll. Thank you for that. I added you to my Friends of Left Field section. I like what I see so far, and will be checking out more.

    I am looking for the ballcap with the earflaps/ear warmers that some of the players were wearing in the World Series. Any idea where I can get one?

    1. Lynn,

      I wish I knew. One of the caps would make a great Christmas present.

      Jimmy Rollins was the only player I saw wearing. You could try calling the Phillies’ administrative office on Monday and ask the media relations office if they know.

      If I find anything on my own, I’ll get in touch.



  3. Hi,

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    Shirly Giagone

    1. Shirly,

      Thanks for the comment, and I’m flattered that you asked. Sure, send it along and I’ll take a look.


  4. Dan,

    Was going through an old box tonight and found a complete San Jose Mercury News Paper, dtd , July 21, 1969, ON THE MOON, the same paper you used in your backdrop. All this happened within 2 hours. What are the chances!!!

    Hope you enjoyed this comment!!


  5. No. 18 … 1968 … Red Sox … that’d be (former Yankee) Elston Howard. Great company. And yes, that’s a fine belt.

  6. strange questions:
    do you happen to have any pics of the Athletics (or any other teams) Turn Ahead the Clock hats from 1999? I remember seeing them all on display at the 99 All Star game and haven’t seen most of them since…

    1. I looked but couldn’t find any photos of those ‘Turn Ahead’ uniforms and caps. The script on the A’s jerseys was pretty crazy. I’ll give it another go and see what I can turn up.

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  8. Who is the only player in the HOF without a logo on his cap? Or is there more than one? I seem to remember it was becuse the person refused to make a choice.

    1. Wow. Good question. I’ve not been to the Hall of Fame, but I’m guessing there have to be a lot of old-timers depicted without logos on their caps, mainly guys from the late 19th Century. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the challenge!

  9. I love baseball caps, and that Tris Speaker lid is a gem. My initials are TSF, so I am particularly attracted to the interlocking T & S, but I also have great admiration for the man for whom your league was named. I have a replica cap of a semi-pro team sponsored by Toots Shor’s, which also features an interlocking T & S. I bought it from the defunct Cooperstown Cap Co.

    1. Tom: Thanks very much for the comment. I wish I still had one of those hats. I think my youngest brother has one stashed somewhere.

      Cooperstown went away? Oh, no. I recall seeing the Toots Shor cap on their site some time ago.

  10. Hey!

    I just wanted to say this is a great blog in my opinion, as I have always loved collecting ball caps as well! I am going to add this to my blogroll (im new so it probably won’t help too much) because it interests me.



    p.s. my blog is “from bobby orr to bobby cremins”

  11. Hi!
    I’m in SF for a few weeks and would like to know the best spot to buy real baseball caps. Ideally, I’m looking for Nippon league teams, but also new and old-style MLB caps.

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  13. Dan, No matter what I do, I can’t seem to subscribe to your blog. I never get any notifications. I want the advisements to go to purplechair6@yahoo.com,
    not to Grubby Glove. I’m not as sophisticate a blog or computer person as you… but I know what I like, and I LIKE your blog! You are a superb writer. Will you please email me? I live in the Sunset District of SF. Thanks… Michael
    AKA: Grubby Glove

  14. Hi Dan,
    I love your site and have been looking through your posts. Do you happen to have an email address where we can discuss possible guest blogs? Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you.

  15. hi there
    I manage a website in the UK which primary goal is to bring new and interesting caps from the US to the Uk, I wondered if you would like to check out our site, you might see some interesting products on there.
    baseball caps check out capology.co.uk

  16. Hi Dan,

    I thought I’d send over a cool product for possible inclusion on your blog – it’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter:

    Capify is a cap that incorporates a near field communication tag sewn into the lining that can be read with a smartphone. The content revealed when the tag is scanned can be specified by the wearer via a web interface – it can be anything from a social media profile to a their own website or favourite music video.

    The product is currently on KickStarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/380971521/capify-caps-social-connected-and-built-for-sharing and there is also an explanation video at http://youtu.be/t1KqVKRDHno



  17. i grew up in a minor league baseball city Waterbury ct the home of many eastern league AA teams The Gomer Hodge story hits home gomer played here in waterbury for the waterbury Indians in 1968 my parents loved baseball and growing up are family went to every game for nearly 20 years
    well gomer with that name and southern drawl became every kids favorite
    and of course he would sign balls for the kids after the game
    I will never forget on july 4th the stadium was packed for the fireworks show after the game in either 1968 0r 1969 with his waterbury indians down a run Gomer pinched hit in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and two strikes on him and every kid in the naugatuck yelling gomer he drove the ball over the left field wall winning the game on the 4th of july in a walk off the place went crazy after all these years it was not until three or four days ago did I find out he finaly made it to cleveland and had the some magic there its also sad that he died with the same disease that killed lou gehrig

  18. I have one of the giants / oakland ball caps. contact me if your still interested

  19. What I have is the twin logo 1989 World Series ball cap, it has never been wolrn. I’m thinking of selling it. My parents were there and purchased it for me.. Mike Martin (760) 774-1471

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