Comerica Park, the return: Just as nice at night

The top deck view as sunset approaches. Renaissance Center towers dominate the skyline at right.

I first visited Comerica Park for a day game in 2019 and thoroughly enjoyed it. My daughter and her family moved to the Detroit area a short while later, and after a long COVID-induced delay my wife and I finally got to see them in their new home this month.

Being the great daughter she is, Katie treated me to a Tigers game against the Rangers on a Monday evening. We sat up in Section 321, even with the first-base bag. Only a few dozen of the 13,704 people attending were sitting near us as we watched Detroit clobber Texas 14-0.

Even though lingering COVID restrictions closed off certain features like the merry-go-round in the food court, I found the park every bit as delightful with the lights on as it was during the bright sunshine two summers ago.

The view of the downtown Detroit was awesome. This time around I noticed the color-coded rings of light atop the Renaissance Center’s towers changing as the central GM tower rotated the logos of its brands. I was particularly pleased to see the triple-shield Buick logo, as my mother worked for that division in the 1950s before I came along.

A fire-brewed Stroh’s would have been nice, but the Atwater Dirty Blonde was excellent.

With the Tiger bats booming, there was plenty of action on the field. I was particularly impressed with leadoff hitter Akil Baddoo, who went 2 for 5 with 4 RBI, including a two-run homer in the 3rd inning that turned out to be all the scoring the Tigers needed.

Judging by the crowd’s obvious joy in calling out “Bad-doooooo!” each time he came to bat, I’d say Akil appears headed toward stardom or, at least, making the Minnesota Twins regret letting him slip away.

The people at the game were polite and friendly, saying “excuse me” when slicing across lines waiting at the concession stands and showing a “no, you go first” attitude in getting to those lines. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in coastal stadium concourses these past several years, but I certainly appreciated those amicable Midwestern manners.

I didn’t know it during the game, but the Tigers were on their way to a seven-game winning streak.

The only down note came before the game as the ticket takers told my daughter that she couldn’t bring her purse, even as small as it was, into the stadium. We had to walk next door to a parking garage and check it there. It would have helped had sufficient notice been posted on the MLB site when she bought the tickets.

That aside, no complaints. We parked a few blocks away from the park and encountered no problems getting to or from. For a bonus, we got a good look at the classic old Fox Theatre, lit up in neon glory, on our way back to the car.

Day or night, Comerica Park is a great destination. I certainly intend to return, maybe for a game against the Guardians next season!

The Fox Theatre at 2211 Woodward Ave., Detroit.

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