The Giants come out in rainbow colors

The San Francisco Giants debuted their new rainbow logo caps and sleeve patches for Pride Month, and good for them.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community is nothing new for the Giants. In the mid-90s when I worked in The City, the Giants became the first pro sports team to have an HIV/AIDS awareness game. They have had many other events and sponsorships to promote diversity and inclusion over the years, and the uniform changes this year are an MLB first.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

In a story about the pride uniforms, The Washington Post noted that while many teams have had LGBT-themed events, the Giants’ effort involved the players showing their support — literally on their sleeves. The Post credits manager Gabe Kapler for his efforts to support the cause.

I was not exactly a fan of Kapler when he managed the Phillies, and I figured the Giants were in for a long, slow decline with him succeeding Bruce Bochy. But Kapler has his team in first place in the National League West, and I’ll be rooting for him and Los Gigantes all season long.

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