Flash! It’s the 2016 Baseball Solstice

Happy New Year and Happy Baseball Solstice, everyone! Today — January 1st — not only is the first day of the new calendar year but it’s also the midpoint between the last out of the 2015 World Series 2015 and the first pitches of Spring Training exhibition games on March 1.

I dreamt up the Baseball Solstice back in 2011 while recuperating from surgery and contemplating a long winter without the sport I love most. As 2016 begins, I’m again recovering from surgery, on the mend and very much looking forward to the new season.

To celebrate the solstice, I recommend that all fans connect with baseball in some way today. Watch a baseball movie like “A League of Their Own,” call your Mom or Dad or the uncle or aunt who helped you learn and love the game. Take your kids outside to play catch, with a snowball if necessary.

Me? I’m reading “1954: The Year Willie Mays and the First Generation of Black Superstars Changed Major League Baseball Forever” by Bill Madden. I’m about four chapters in and it’s a terrific read. I have a sense of foreboding that, in the end, things aren’t going to work out terribly well for my beloved Cleveland Indians.

Today I also figure to play with my younger son a new baseball dice and board game, “Bottom of the 9th,” that he got me for Christmas.  And speaking of gifts, my friend Andy in Los Angeles sent me the light-up San Francisco Giants displayed above, a wonderful addition to my collection of caps.

The Baseball Solstice represents hope and renewal. Please celebrate responsibly, and play ball!

One thought on “Flash! It’s the 2016 Baseball Solstice

  1. Hi Dan!

    It’s refreshing to read a blog that’s so clearly an expression of someone’s personal passion and creativity. Great job!

    I liked this post for a few reasons. My Dad was my biggest connection to baseball. He took me to games as a kid and as I became an adult I created a ritual where we would go to a game on/around Father’s Day each year to celebrate him and his love of baseball.

    He passed away 5 years ago on the fall solstice, hence the second resonance with your article. It’s wasn’t on summer solstice, but anything solstice reminds me of him…in a very sweet way.

    Anyway, long story…ha ha. Sorry. 🙂

    I am also reaching out today because when I found your blog I thought I’d love to see if we can collaborate online. I work with a company that has been making custom embroidered baseball hats for over 30 years.

    If you have an email I can contact you I’d love to share some ideas I have about how we could support what you’re up to in promoting the joy of baseball and all things baseball hats. You can reach me at getbusythriving (at) gmail.com (replace the at with @).

    I look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best! Hope you’re doing better after your surgery. xx


    Polly 🙂

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