For baseball bloggers, a Father’s Day project

Inspired by William Tasker’s moving Memorial Day post, I propose that all members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance compose a Father’s Day post on their own fathers.

Most of us men and women with a passion for baseball likely picked it up from our fathers, who handed us our first balls and mitts, taught us the proper way to grip a bat, caught our pitching practice through the last glimmer of sunset and took us to our first big-league games.

This year Father’s Day falls on June 16th, and I encourage BBA members to post something special about Dad that day. Because we call come from varied family circumstances, the person filling the “father” role could be an uncle, a coach, a neighbor, big brother, even a mother, sister or aunt.

For those whose fathers are still alive, it should make a splendid present. And for those of us whose fathers have died, it will be a loving tribute.

One thought on “For baseball bloggers, a Father’s Day project

  1. I helped my dad throw out his back when he bent improperly to pick up one of my errant throws. Yeah, I got blamed for it too.

    That’s probably not the type of thing you’re looking for, eh?

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