A season without a seat in the stands

I’m looking back on the 2012 season and realizing that this is one of those rare years in which I didn’t see a major league baseball game in person.

Having switched jobs and coasts in May, I left California before having a chance to see the Giants or Athletics play at home. My two cross-country drives to get our cars out east were too hurried to route by way of a big-league stadium. And once I got east for good, I never found the time to run down to Philadelphia or head up to New York to catch the Phillies, Yankees or Mets.

I managed to catch plenty of games on TV, radio and especially on the MLB app on my iPhone. I did get to see one minor league game on each coast, the Nuts in Modesto and the Thunder in Trenton. Thank goodness for that.

Also on the plus side, we finally got ourselves high-definition TV this summer, and it’s been great to see those major league parks come alive on the screen in our family room.

But as for seeing a game live and in person, I’ll have to invoke the eternal cry of Cubs fans: Wait ’til next year!

[Note: This post was composed during the baseball playoffs but I never posted it until now.]

6 thoughts on “A season without a seat in the stands

  1. Dan you picked a heckuva year to miss seeing a single Giants or A’s game….LOL. I’ve missed this blog, keep it up!

  2. After you’ve been to John Thurman Field, everything else is Shea. But I caught games in SF, Oakland, Milwaukee and Kansas City last summer. Blown away by Kauffman Stadium. What a gem! Nothing’s as nice as AT&T in my book, but KC easily is my favorite park in which the DH is used.

    1. LOL re Shea, where I hope to catch a game this season. Haven’t been to the new one. I did take in a game at Kauffman two years ago and it’s quite nice. If only the Royals could field a team to match.

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