Hits and misses: The new MLB batting practice caps

The fabulous Uni Watch blog has a great rundown on the new batting practice caps that major league teams will be wearing this year. The design comments by Paul Lukas are excellent, and I give him a tip of the cap for noting the unbalanced use of serifs in the “P” on the Pirates’ cap.

You’d think a guy running the Ball Caps Blog would be an enthusiast for these alternate caps, but I’m not. I see most of the designs as second-rate and cheap, designed primarily to extract even more dollars out of the fans’ pockets.

4 thoughts on “Hits and misses: The new MLB batting practice caps

  1. I see he give the new Mets BP cap an A-. I’d give it an F-. It just sucks, man. Some of the others are kind of cool, though. I do like the Diamondbacks, the A’s and the Angels new look. The Yankees’s new cap is another crummy one, though.
    Have a Happy New Year, Dan!

    1. I’m maybe not quite so harsh on the Mets’ cap but I agree with you on the others. I particularly like the Athletics cap with the elephant and the Mr. Redlegs one. Happy new year!

  2. Sorry to be late to this conversation, but I agree with you completely. I have never been a fan of the BP cap phenomenon. It’s always been a bit too Oregon-football / XFL-ish for me.

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