Will we ever see someone pitch a complete World Series game again?

We’ve seen some outstanding performances by starting pitchers in the league championships and the World Series this year, but has anyone pitched a complete game?


The closest anyone came was Justin Verlander, who went 8 and two-thirds as the Tigers defeated the Yankees in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series. Barry Zito and Madison Bumgarner were excellent in leading the San Francisco Giants to victory in the first two games of the World Series, but Zito didn’t finish the sixth inning and Bumgarner was relieved after seven frames.

You have to go back to the American League Division Series to find a complete game. There were two: one by Verlander, and one by C.C. Sabbathia.

I’m not demeaning the performances of any of the pitchers who started and won without closing out the other team through nine innings. It’s merely more evidence of the ascendancy of relief pitching.

2 thoughts on “Will we ever see someone pitch a complete World Series game again?

  1. During the 2010 postseason, Bochy practically used his entire bullpen after the 3rd inning enroute to a win. It doesn’t matter who gets the job done, as long as it gets done, i.e., Cy Young winner Lincecum coming in from the bullpen in the 2012 Series, having been a starting pitcher during the regular season.

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