Which former Philly is faring worse on the West Coast?

Listening to the Dodgers-Giants game last evening (thanks, ESPN Radio!), I got to wondering which of the Phillies traded to the two NL West teams was performing worse: Shane Victorino or Hunter Pence?

Neither has set the world on fire. Pence is hitting just .225 for the Giants and has an on-base percentage of .290, both well below his season-by-season and career totals.

Victorino is hitting .250 with a .316 OBP, marginally better.

I was surprised at the relative power totals, however: Pence has brought in 26 runs (a number seemingly higher than his actual impact on the team) and hit two home runs. Victorino has 11 RBI and has homered once.

I’ll call this one a draw, with both players disappointing their new teams and giving more ammo to their detractors among Phillies fans who were fed up with them as they headed west.

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