Getting the number right on the uniform

Something’s been bugging me this season about the San Francisco Giants, and I finally figured it out while watching the game tonight. Brandon Crawford wears No. 35, and that’s wrong for a shortstop.

A shortstop  ought to have a number in the teens or single digits. The mid-30s? No. Give that to an outfielder or a pitcher.


4 thoughts on “Getting the number right on the uniform

  1. LOL.

    Looking forward to seeing a game or seven at Citizens Bank Ballpark and for return trips to Fenway and the big stadium in the Bronx. Hoping we can catch a game together some day.

  2. I agree. I’ve always felt certain positions should only wear certain numbers. Infielders: 1 to 19 ( except Willie Randolph, NY Yankees. He can ONLY WEAR number 30, it looked good on him).
    catchers: 20 -29 Outfielders: 40-49. Pitchers being the odd one’s they are can wear anything from 1 to 49. No players should wear anything over 50, it just looks weird.

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