My National League West prediction for the 2012 season

With a heaping helping of faith and wishful thinking, I’m picking the San Francisco Giants to win the National League West this year. Even as I typed that sentence, the nagging voice in my head was saying, “What about the Diamondbacks?”

The pick comes down to arms versus bats, and the Giants have the better pitching. But I have my doubts about the San Francisco staff this year. I don’t think Tim Lincecum is a lock to have another dominating season, and I fret about closer Brian Wilson’s health.

On offense, the Giants should be more productive this year. That’s predicated on the iffy proposition that Buster Posey regains most of his 2010 form, Brandon Belt proves he can hit as a starting first baseman, and Melky Cabrera approximates his 2011 numbers.

I put the Diamondbacks a close second and the Rockies hard on their heels in third, with the Dodgers and Padres trailing.

That analysis and $1.35 will get you a tall Pike Place Roast at Starbucks.

5 thoughts on “My National League West prediction for the 2012 season

  1. I can see the Giants taking the West this year in a close dogfight with the Diamondbacks. Posey, of course, is key, along with the further emergence of Bumgarner. Wouldn’t hold my breath about Cabrera repeating last year’s numbers.
    I don’t think the local Starbucks here in Greenville, S.C. features the Pike Place Roast. I think they substitute it with the Fort Sumter Frappuccino.

  2. I too see the Giants taking the NL West in 2012. Last year, everything went right for the D’backs and many things went wrong for the G-men. Karma. should cause things to even out this season.

    Here in San Francisco, that tall Pike will cost you $1.50, Dan. Let me know when you come to town and I’ll treat you to one.

    You too, Bill!

    Best Regards,
    Michael / Grubby Glove

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