Manny Ramirez signs with the Athletics, and takes no notice

This is telling. I just logged on to to see what news they might have of Manny Ramirez signing a minor-league contract with the Oakland Atheltics.

While the blog entry about Ramirez is the top link on’s story stack, there’s not a word on Ramirez out front on the Major League Baseball site. MLB contents itself with the hard-hitting feature on A.J. Burnett relishing his move to the Pirates and a “maybe I’ll retire” piece on Mariano Rivera.

No homepage love for Manny. Maybe that 50-game suspension he still must serve sticks just a bit in the corporate craw at 245 Park Avenue.

Manny is past his prime and a longshot to give any decent lift to the A’s. I figure the Athletics’ main purpose in bringing him aboard is to mentor Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes. But from my desk here 75 miles from the Oakland Coliseum, all I can offer is speculation about that.

There is an MLB story about Manny that moved some hours ago, but I still think it’s curious that he’s not in the main carousel of the top stories of the day.

Come June, if  Manny still has that sweet swing to propel him to the major league level, Oakland baseball could be extra entertaining. Maybe he’ll even make the MLB homepage.

4 thoughts on “Manny Ramirez signs with the Athletics, and takes no notice

  1. You’re right on target again, Dan.

    As I write this it is the day after this post, and the story IS STILL NOT on MLB’s “latest” page. You have to click on “More Headlines,” where he’s the ninth story on the MLB “News” page. I wonder where his actions will be placed when he messes up again this summer?

    Best Regards,
    Michael/Grubby Glove

  2. i’m trying to think back when other hof caliber players sort of come out of retirement and are invited to spring training…do they get front page news?
    the first names that come to mind are gooden and strawberry and they too had left the game under controversey.
    I don’t remember how the media handled it? Maybe since this is oakland and not new york, the hype is quieter or maybe as you suggest, it’s the new save face approach with those who violated mlb drug policy.
    i’m very surprised as well because manny ramirez has been one of the top offensive producers in all of baseball over his career in addition to having a very entertaining personality. Love him or hate him…the guy will be remembered as one of the greats and that means he generated a ton of money for the mlb.

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