Missing the Washington Senators

A national touring production of “Damn Yankees” is swinging by the Modesto area, and the news dredged up some unexpected pleasant memories. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Senators, and I think I know why.

Growing up an Indians fan in the 60s, I knew that if I went to a game at Cleveland Stadium, the odds were always better for a Tribe win if the Senators were in town. But it goes deeper than that.

With the Nationals in our nation’s capitol, the Senators take on a patina of old-timey cool. There are two ex-Senators clubs, of course: the Twins and Rangers, each created when the original teams fled the District for greener (as in money) pastures.

The franchise that is now the Twins was the one on which “Damn Yankees” is based. Even though I was born before they headed to the Twin Cities, I have no memory of that club. But the Texas-bound Rangers that formed as an expansion team in ’61 I knew well, and that team seemed damned to an eternity of being “last in the Amerian League,” as the saying goes.

I’ve just looked over the Washington Nationals roster, and I don’t find enough recognizable talent to project anything more than a mediocre team in 2012. I’d like for the Nationals to succeed, though, and break that ancient curse.

3 thoughts on “Missing the Washington Senators

  1. nationals seemed to turn a corner towards the better at some point last season and then improved this off season with the addition of Gio.
    i’d be surprised if they don’t finish above .500.

  2. Dan, I agree with Steven that the Nats might be ready to turn the corner. Not saying they’ll be in the playoffs this year, but things look to be trending in the right direction for them. In about three years, they could be a really good team.

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