Baseball Cards – 1972 Topps

I’ve been waiting for a baseball post worthy of my first reblogging. This is it!

Grubby Glove

Every year Topps Baseball Cards changes their design. My baseball card collection covers ninety-five years, so each time I review my cards it’s like flipping through a massive Rolodex of colors, graphics, designs, paper stocks and styles. With this post I’m introducing a new category: Baseball Card Sets. I’m going to start with the 1972 Topps set, getting the negatives out-of-the-way and finishing on an uptempo note.

I suppose the lesson of the 1972 Topps set is that every company is good for a clunker from time to time. Here’s Hank Aaron’s card. Note the Hall of Fame player on a Sally League (extinct minor league whose players lacked significant talent) format. It’s a nice photo. The rest of the card is a disaster. The way the team name bursts forth from the top of the card draws this viewer’s attention away from the player. The whole purpose of a…

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3 thoughts on “Baseball Cards – 1972 Topps

  1. starting with 72 is as good as anywhere in baseball card world.
    i’m really glad you’ll be doing this.
    the two things i like best about 72 topps: the in-action cards
    and the cooper/fisk rookie card.
    by the way, if you have an excess of montreal expos cards and are interested in trading, i’m always on the look out for expos.
    looking forward to 73!

  2. oops. i realize now that this was reposted from grubby glove, but still, you have a great eye to catch other great posts. thanks for doing that and if you happen to collect cards and have excess expos cards, maybe we can make an exchange.

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