Exit, 49ers, and bring on baseball!

With the 49ers’ overtime loss to the New York Giants still stinging sharply, I turn to my blog and the prospect of another baseball season for solace.

As a (baseball) Giants fan, it was weird — and damned annoying — to hear chants of “Let’s go, Giants” ringing out from Candlestick Park after today’s NFC Championship game.

The baseball Giants have their roots in New York, of course, and I guess that must count for something. In my New York/New Jersey years, I followed the (football) Giants and will likely be rooting for them in the Super Bowl.

But it’s going to take several days before I get the disappointing end to the 49ers’ season out of my system. Give me time to heal, please.

3 thoughts on “Exit, 49ers, and bring on baseball!

  1. maybe sf giant vip’s will consider a retro game at the stick
    after hearing their fans turn sour into spring.
    how bout that cheering for the baseball giants after a 49ers loss!
    or that’s how i would delude myself,
    looking forward to your thoughts on gaints,
    san francisco that is.

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