How to observe the Baseball Solstice

Since proposing that fans celebrate the “Baseball Solstice” last week, I’ve received a good amount of feedback and I really appreciate it. The response impels me to keep the idea going by suggesting how baseball fans might observe the solstice, which will be Friday, Dec. 30.

Over the past week I’ve been thinking about the right way to observe the arrival of the mid-point between the end of the 2011 World Series and the first games of Spring Training 2012.

What I propose is for fans to head to the nearest ball diamond, take a photo and share it with other fans. Use Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, PhotoBucket,, email or any other means of your choosing. But share the image, and tag it with “baseball solstice” if tagging is available.

The idea is to capture our fields of dreams in mid-winter, when our longing for the sport intensifies and the hope for a new season passes the halfway mark.

  • Take a photo of the snow-swept diamond at the park where your son will play T-ball come spring.
  • Snap a shot of the high school diamond where your daughter will open the softball season in a few months.
  • Head to the nearest minor league park and capture the desolation of the unattended ticket booths.
  • Drive to the nearest big-league park and fire away as in your head you hear the cheers that will fill the air on Opening Day.

Or maybe even better, point your camera to the yard or street where you first tossed a ball with your father or played Wiffle ball with your friends.

Taking a photo isn’t the only way to celebrate the sport, and if you can’t swing getting a photo, feel free to mark the observance in your own way.

3 thoughts on “How to observe the Baseball Solstice

  1. I’m headed to Pennsylvania in a few days and hope to tour the area where my dad played back in the 20s and 30s. Should be fun. (I hope you had a great Christmas, and thank very much for the card.)

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