Pujols joins the Angels, and my favorite Giant bids goodbye for the Mets

Two deals, one huge, one minor, have disrupted the Baseball Force in my universe over the last several days. The Giants sent Andres Torres to the Mets and Albert Pujols signed an enormous contract with the Angels.

Neither of these deals is news today, but I’m trying to catch up on posting after a drought of a couple of weeks.

For me, word on Pujols’ salary overshadows everything else about his switching from the red cap of the Cardinals to the red cap of the Angels. Two-hundred fifty-four million dollars over 10 years is a staggering figure, and if it’s going to go to any ballplayer, at least in Pujols it’s going to someone with some humanitarian concerns, from all I can gather.

As for Torres, the journeyman who flourished in San Francisco’s championship season in 2010, I wish him all the best in New York. Injuries and maybe a bit of bad luck cost him many at bats and his starting position at center field last season, and I felt sorry for him.

The previous year, his season was just the opposite – he seemingly could do no wrong and was one of the great stories in the game. I hope he regains his mojo in 2012. And I tip my cap to him for all the good he did with the Giants.


One thought on “Pujols joins the Angels, and my favorite Giant bids goodbye for the Mets

  1. Thank you for another fine post. I agree with all of your points, Daniel. I think Andres Torres will help the Mets. He gives the team something that it sorely lacks: a winning ballplayer. The 2012 Giants are coming into focus, and I like what I see so far. A rejuvenated Angel Pagan, a scrappy Melky Cabrera, an in shape Pablo Sandoval, a healthy Freddy Sanchez and Buster Posey are a compelling bunch, one that is capable of scoring a lot of runs. Give Brandon Belt at least 250 to 300 at bats, please. I like it, Daniel.

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