Salary cap for baseball? It’s not the American way

FOX Sports ran a commercial today during the Cardinals-Phillies game on TBS that got under my skin in a bad, bad way. It was a misty-eyed paean to the Yankees, with lots of images of Derek Jeter and Reggie Jackson  implying that the Bronx Bombers own October.

I hate that.

Let me say that again: I HATE that.

The Yankees are the big, bad franchise that rules baseball — except that it doesn’t. Their unassailable lead in World Series titles notwithstanding, the Yanks don’t win every year. And that’s great.

Baseball doesn’t have a salary cap as the NFL does, and the parity fans out there love to crow about how just about any team can rise up and win the Super Bowl.

But that’s not the American way, is it? In our capitalist culture, there are winners and losers. He who accumulates the most money wins – most of the time, anyway.

Baseball is America’s pastime, the national game, reflecting who we are better than any sport.

So let the Yankees spend and spend and spend. Let’s celebrate their victories.

And let’s celebrate a little more whenever the Phillies or the Mets or the Tigers or the White Sox or the Cardinals or any other team rises up and triumphs.

It’s the American way.

One thought on “Salary cap for baseball? It’s not the American way

  1. If the MLB had a salary cap it would ruin the sport. However the only way it would help is if it meant that all teams had a good shot at making that cap every year. In that case it would have to be around 50 million which would take the Yankees whole starting lineup off the field.

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