Requiem for the San Francisco Giants

The inevitable happened tonight as the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the defending world champion San Francisco Giants to win the National League West title. It’s a bitter end to the season for us Giants fans, none of whom have the least glimmer of hope that San Francisco can finagle a wild card berth. Frankly, I don’t want it.

The Giants’ season, as I see it, ended in Philadelphia at mid-summer when the Phillies crushed them. Or maybe it ended when Buster Posey broke his leg way back in May. It doesn’t really matter.

Following a defending world champion was a new experience for me. Growing up a Cleveland fan, I never had the pleasure. I came close in ’82 while living in Milwaukee, but the Brewers lost in 7 games to the Cardinals in the series. And yes, the Yankees won a couple of times while I was working in Manhattan and living in New Jersey. But there are no pinstripes on my heart.

In my middle age, my heart is black and orange. I have a couple of months to lick my wounds and heal, confident that some day soon pitchers and catchers will report to the desert, the same barren place where our dreams died tonight.

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