Buckets full of spam, and a plug for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance

A curious thing has happened to Ye Olde Ball Caps Blog in recent months: my traffic has dropped off for no discernible reason and yet the amount of spam the blog receives has proliferated.

Fortunately, our friends at WordPress have a really good spam filter that catches just about all the stuff that doesn’t belong. Those are messages like: “Yours is an excellent blog. Fake Algerian passports. I lonely girl from Uzbekistan.”

This blog is part of theĀ Baseball Bloggers Alliance, a couple-hundred strong group of bloggers who write exclusively or primarily on baseball. If you like baseball, give the alliance a look and check out their Twitter feed, @baseballblogs.



2 thoughts on “Buckets full of spam, and a plug for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about traffic dropping off. This time of year, every red-blooded American male is glued to their T.V. sets night and day watching both pro and college football. Baseball now clearly takes a back seat to the slam-dance that is modern football. No reflection on us baseball bloggers.
    Also, whenever I see spam, it inevitably makes me think of the Monty Python episode / song, “SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, WONDERFUL SPAM…”

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