Can Ichiro reach 200 hits again?

Ichiro Suzuki has slapped out 200 or more hits each year since he joined the Seattle Mariners in 2001, but his streak is in danger.

He went 2-for-4 tonight against Kansas City, bringing his total to 161 (as best as I can tell from That means he’s going to need a lot more two-hit nights if he wants to reach the double century mark.

Even if he doesn’t reach, he’s still putting up good numbers for the M’s. His pursuit of 200 hits is one of the few things about the Mariners to stir much interest in the Pacific Northwest this year.

It would be great to see him pull it off.

One thought on “Can Ichiro reach 200 hits again?

  1. 200 hits are always nice, but I’d like to see him contribute a bit more to his total on-base percentage, not to mention power, to his repertoire. I have heard many times how he hits massive shots into the bleachers during batting practice. Just once I’d like to see him hit 20 homers in a season. Singles are nice, but if the guys behind you aren’t driving in runs, then he needs to find another way to create runs.
    Enjoy your weekend,

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