The Giants cut two veterans, and the sobering reality of Major League Baseball

The San Francisco Giants shook up their roster today, jettisoning veterans Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada while calling up Brett Pill from the minors.

I’ve had days in my career like Rowand and Tejada are having, and I’ve also had a few call-up moments.

I congratulate Pill on his ascension to the big leagues, a move cheered by headline writers who won’t be able to resist plays on his name.

I feel badly for Rowand, who has had a lot of key hits for San Francisco in recent years and who helped the team get to the playoffs last year on the way to a world championship.

Tejada has done little for the Giants this season and hasn’t made much of an impression on me. I did pick him a couple of times for my fantasy baseball teams years ago, but that was just that: fantasy.

Today, the cold, harsh reality of competitive professional sports exacted its neverending vengeance on ballplayers past their prime. And it gave another kid a chance.

Cue the “Circle of Life.”


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