Impressed with the Houston Astros

The Houston Astros pulled out a hard-earned victory over the Giants in 10 innings today at AT&T Park. Houston has the worst record in baseball, but you’d never know it from how they battled to split the four-game series with the defending world champions.

All four went into extra innings, 10 in three of them and 11 in one. Each game was won by one run.  Had that series been between the Phillies and Giants, or the Brewers and the Giants, it would have been the talk of the National League.

But because the Astros are having a dreadful year and the because the Giants are fading away, the series probably wasn’t much in the national conversation. I’m a Giants fan, as anyone who reads this blog knows, but I was impressed with a number of the Astros’ players, particularly center fielder Jordan Schafer and right fielder Brian Bogusevic.

With talent like that, the future has to be bright for the Astros.

As for Los Gigantes, they look old, tired and frustrated, at least at the plate. Their defense has slipped and the bullpen has sprung a few leaks. The starters are still superb, but without an urgent infusion of run support, they won’t get to show their stuff in the playoffs.


One thought on “Impressed with the Houston Astros

  1. Well they’re a long way from the days of Cesar Cedeno and Jimmy Wynn, but they are, finally, rebuilding. If they could just find a way to get rid of that statue named Carlos Lee, they’d be golden.
    Best Regards, Bill

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