Phillies-Giants brawl was a battle of the sore losers

The Phillies, stewing over losing to San Francisco in the playoffs last year, got into a brawl last night with the Giants, who are stewing over losing to the Phillies this year.

Call it the battle of the sore losers.

I didn’t watch the game and was only able to sneak a few score updates in by glancing at my iPhone while visiting with friends. I read about the fight in the paper this morning and watched the video.

I approach baseball brawls with equal parts amusement and disgust. On this one, disgust had the upper hand.

One thought on “Phillies-Giants brawl was a battle of the sore losers

  1. Sometimes teams need to clear the air so to speak. I agree, I thought this was a waste and detracted from the game. Of course, the Giants and Phils are probably going to meet later on in the NLCS. So this will make for interesting baseball.

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