Brian Wilson blows a save – and his cool

Brian Wilson blew a save in Detroit last night, and just about everyone in the world has seen this great AP photo of him whaling on a Gatorade cooler.

I’m not going to cast any stones against the bearded one, as I’ve rather famously – among a close circle of friends and family – blown my cool on the golf course a number of times. There was the seven iron I tossed disdainfully into a pond in front of my father, and my eruption so out of control after walking off the course on caddy Monday that my little brother locked himself in his bedroom in fear as I screamed and slammed my fists into the sides of a chair in the living room.

I am fortunate that none of those childish outbursts was caught on film or video, and I’ve generally behaved myself in recent years. But I must watch myself, especially on hot days, so that I don’t come uncorked.

As for Brian Wilson, he’s not likely to blow another save tonight, as at this hour the Giants have a 15-0 lead over the Tigers. And someone on the Giants staff waggishly put several Band-Aids on one of the Gatorade coolers in the dugout.

Wilson will have many better nights. Here’s hoping that the next time he has a bad outing, he’ll take it more in stride than he did last night.

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