What to wear to the Indians-Giants game?

For a diehard fan of the Cleveland Indians and San Francisco Giants, going to a game at AT&T Park poses a problem: What to wear?

I have plenty of gear from both teams:  a Willie Mays jersey, a ’48 Indians cap, Chief Wahoo socks, an Indians jacket, a Tim Lincecum T-shirt, and lots more.

The Giants have won the first two games of the series, and a few friends from back in Ohio are applying pressure that I go the full Cleveland. I’ll be driving to the game with a Giants-only friend who won’t tolerate anything but orange and black.

I’ll be debating my wardrobe choices all night. Watch this space for a photo from the ballpark for my final choice.



2 thoughts on “What to wear to the Indians-Giants game?

  1. Dan, I have the same problem: I’m headed over to Miller Park tomorrow to see my Twins play my Brewers. I’ll probably settle on Brewers stuff, since the park is already going to be overrun with travelling Twins supporters.

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