A tip of the Jumeirah cap to Rory McIlroy, U.S. Open champion

No single blogger could add any lustre to what Rory McIlroy accomplished over these past four days in winning the U.S. Open championship. But I’ll venture a few words about his sponsor.

About eight holes into the final round today I got curious about the “Jumeirah” scrawled across the crown of McIlroy’s cap. That I had to look up this high-end hotelier and resort company on Google is a pretty good tip-off that I don’t travel in luxury. I’m usually ready to pounce on the automatic waffle machine during the free breakfast at Holiday Inn Select.

With its logo plastered across McIlroy’s cap and shirts as in the photo from the company’s website above, Jumeirah has scored some major marketing points. Next time I’m in Dubai, I’ll consider staying with them.

If only.

3 thoughts on “A tip of the Jumeirah cap to Rory McIlroy, U.S. Open champion

  1. I wasn’t too sure of how Rory would respond after his Masters performance. I believed that he might be another Sergio Garcia and that golf would have to wait even longer for another star to arrive. I guess not. McIlroy is a class act and has the kind of talent that has almost no ceiling to it. The sky is the limit for this guy and it couldn’t happen to a better person. He reacted so well to the situation after the Masters and was a good guy all the way despite the blow out win this weekend. It should to be fun to see this kid perform for the next decade. Let’s hope for the sake of golf that he continues it. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/06/19/just-what-the-doctor-ordered/

  2. A really interesting blog…

    Thanks for the mentions RE Jumeirah. I run the Jumeirah Digital Strategy, truly glad that you searched for us (and our SEO strategy works!), let us know if you are in town any time đŸ™‚

    P.s. direct message @Jumeirah Twitter directly and I will see what I can do to add to your cap collection!

    Terry Kane
    Director of Digital Strategy

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