Iconic baseball caps: The Chicago Cubs

The Giants are playing the Cubs at Wrigley Field tonight, one of the classiest and most traditional settings for a game of baseball. The Cubs play while wearing one of the most iconic caps in any sport, with its tight, round red “C” logo on a blue field.

The model shown here is my mesh-back model that I picked up at the Friendly Confines in 1984. The real version, of course, doesn’t have the porous back or the piping between the bill and the crown.

The Cubs cap is really a great look, instantly associated with Chicago’s North Side, National League franchise.

Intimidating it is not. The Cubs have had a woeful record of last winning a World Series in 1908, the longest drought of any major league team.

I’d love to see the Cubs take it all some year.

But as for tonight, I’m hoping they play according to form and hand the Giants a victory.

4 thoughts on “Iconic baseball caps: The Chicago Cubs

    1. I’d be the same way, unless they were playing Cleveland. I suspect most baseball fans would be pulling for them. Who knows if we’ll live to see it? šŸ™‚

  1. I guess if those pesky Red Sox can do it, so can the Cubs. Although, I’m not sure how the baseball public would react. There was much drama surrounding the Sox before they won. Would the mystique, if that’s the right word, change if the Cubs pulled it off? Time will tell I guess.

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