Walk-off grand slam lifts Cleveland Indians to best April record ever

Of all the surprises in this first full month of the 2011 Major League Baseball season, the most stunning has to be the improbable success of the Cleveland Indians. Winning 9-5 on a walk-off grand slam last night by Carlos Santana, the Tribe improved to 17-8, the most April victories in franchise history.

The Indians will try for No. 18 tonight. It would be their 12th straight home win.

Even at a distance of 2,500 miles from my hometown, I can feel the excitement.

As a lifelong Tribe fan, I know this streak likely won’t last. But I’ll enjoy it for all it’s worth.

6 thoughts on “Walk-off grand slam lifts Cleveland Indians to best April record ever

  1. You listed the Giants and Indians as your favorite teams. If they somehow met each other in the World Series, who would you root for?

    1. Hi, George,

      I knew somebody would eventually ask me that question, and it’s somewhat easier to answer after the Giants won it all last year.

      While I’d be thrilled for the Giants to win, I would give up a limb or two if that would guarantee the Indians would win the Series just once in my lifetime.

      And the Giants won in ’54 against the Tribe, and I always like things to balance out.

  2. I didn’t realize that the Indians just set a club record for wins in the month of April. I knew they were off to a good start, but not THAT good. Wow.
    Go Tribe! (from a Mets fan.)
    Regards, Bill

  3. Vince,


    I’ve got a ticket reserved for a Pirates-Cubs game at Wrigley later this month. I can’t wait. This will be my second trip to the Friendly Confines. The first was – gosh – something like 25 years ago.


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