After the first full week of play, some startling names atop the baseball standings

As I write this post, the Yankees and Red Sox (again!) are playing on the Sunday night telecast. If the Yankees win, they’ll manage a tie in first place of the American League East not with the Sox but with the Baltimore Orioles.


And check the AL Central standings. The Indians, who (be honest) most people on the planet expected to have a wretched year even by Cleveland standards, are on top.

No surprise in the AL West, where the Rangers have revived themselves and have raced to an 8-1 start.

Over in the National League, it’s not a big surprise that Philadelphia is leading the East. But Atlanta in the cellar? That’s a surprise. And so, frankly, is the Pirates’ .500 record in the NL Central.

Out west, the Rockies are out front and the defending champion Giants are in last place. Neither surprises me much, especially with San Francisco missing Cody Ross, who propelled their playoff offense last fall, and closer Brian Wilson off his game.

I’m glad some of the divisions are mixed up and confounding the experts. Wouldn’t it be great to see the Orioles take the AL East?

3 thoughts on “After the first full week of play, some startling names atop the baseball standings

  1. As a Yankee guy, its nice to see Boston going through their struggles. I say this because in past years much criticism has come New York’s way with regard to star players and payroll. We all, myself included, thought the Sox were going to be the team to beat in the AL East. And Baltimore, sheesh.
    Cleveland, impressive. Now with Hamilton out 6-8 weeks lets see how much character Texas has.
    And since I picked Colorado to win the division all is well.

    1. I think the Red Sox will straighten things out. Or at least I hope they do. There’s too much talent there to be scraping the bottom of the division.

  2. It will only be a matter of time I believe, before the Sox hitters start hitting. I think Boston needs to shop Dice-K as much as the Yankees need to do the same with Phil Hughes.

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