An extremely slim connection to Stanford bowl game glory

Congratulations to Stanford for their no-doubts 40-12 victory tonight over Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. The Cardinal were led by standout quarterback Andrew Luck, a sophomore who must weigh the prestige of a Stanford degree against the lucre of a big-bucks NFL contract.

I have the most tenuous of connections to young Mr. Luck, whose father, Oliver, was the star quarterback at my high school (Cleveland St. Ignatius) during the mid-70s. Oliver came along after I graduated, mind you, and I wouldn’t know him if I bumped into him on a street corner.

But we Midwestern types will find reflected glory on the flimsiest of pretexts, so I’m claiming it now while the opportunity is ripe.

As for Andrew Luck, he’s in a strong bargaining position after leading Stanford to its first bowl victory in 14 years. He can take the money from whatever NFL team comes courting, and he still can find time to polish off a degree in Palo Alto.

I wish him well, especially considering that his father and I almost knew each other in high school.

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